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What does TRG membership include?

TRG membership

The strength of TRG rests in its global membership made up of individuals with different backgrounds, different knowledge and experience, different ways of processing information, have unique challenges, speak different languages, but we are united in our commitment to improve ourselves and our trading. Becoming a TRG member has many benefits.

  • 24/7 Community
  • Live weekly meetings
  • Massive video library
  • Member discounts

Take part in our Members' private online chat community - the Pit. Every contribution from our members, whether in the form of questions or shared experiences, helps elevate everyone's game. You have an opportunity to connect with and learn from beginner to professional traders while at the same time sharing your experiences. Our community is like a living share engine of trading knowledge from trading psychology to sharing trading platform chart files for your NinjaTrader 8, Sierra Chart or Jigsaw daytradr trading platform. You can access the TRG community from your browser or mobile device.

Live Meetings

Videos are great, but we believe there is no substitute for attending a live event. The energy, the connection, the experience which helps people accelerate their understanding and improve their trading.  

All of TRG regular meetings are live through Zoom and you get to ask questions during the meeting. We have about 3 regular live meetings every week that start on Sunday when the futures markets open, Monday and Thursday morning. There are other meetings ad hoc. The typical meeting setup includes open Q&A, live trading and tape reading and trading analysis.

Massive Video Library

Our membership spans the globe and are not all able to attend live. We record all the meetings, clinics, workshops and bootcamps. As a TRG member you will have unlimited access to the video library containing thousands of hours of recordings of previous meetings and educational clinics that are well organized. We are constantly improving and now our videos are being recorded in 4k so you can see more detail in the DOMs, charts and footprints as the instructor is teaching and trading live at the same time.  

TRG member discounts
Our members support TRG and we reward loyalty by giving back to our members. So after 3 months membership you will get 10% off all educational courses and after 6 months membership you will get 25% off all courses.

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You want to find more and become a TRG member click here https://www.tradingresearchgroup.com/#membership