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Should I join TRG before taking a Bootcamp?

TRG membership before bootcamp?

A question we sometimes get is - Can I join as a TRG member without taking the bootcamp?

The answer is yes you can, but the better question might be should you join TRG as a member before first going through the bootcamp?

The most common entry into TRG membership is through the Zen and the Art of Order Flow Trading Bootcamp. Few people join TRG membership before bootcamp and when they do they often find it overwhelming and end up taking the bootcamp. Let’s look at this together the help you make an informed decision.

Trading Evolution

Trading is a profession that takes time and energy to become proficient and consistently profitable. And there are loads of different trading styles that consider different information to help the trader make decisions. Technology and trading techniques have changed over the years and continually evolve. This is a fast paced industry that is constantly searching for the next edge to increase profits and TRG intends to maintain leadership at the front.

Succeed together

You and TRG want the same thing. You want to be a better trader and we want to help you achieve that. If you have a good experience here at TRG you will stay and continue your journey to your better trader self. A win win for both you and TRG. The opposing thought is if you have a bad experience this can negatively impact your progress and you might stop your progress to becoming a better trader and nobody wants that. We can’t have win win situations with frowny faces.

Then & Now

The majority of the trading world is built upon technical analysis that uses indicators and maybe you have spent money and time learning to use them. Don’t worry we all have. The bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, stochastics, EMA, etc, are all based on price. Well have you ever asked yourself what comes before price or why does price move?  

The Play & The Score

If you think about any team sports, like football, where there are The Plays and The Score. Which one comes first, The Play or The Score? The Play comes before The Score or The Play creates the score.

If you were to observe someone that is betting on these sports teams you might see the focusing on the players and the team dynamics to gauge which team can make better plays resulting in a higher score.

In trading, the Order Flow equals The Play and Price equals The Score. In other words, order flow creates price. So from TRG point of view, since we want to have an edge in our trading we want to focus on order flow because it creates price.

Bootcamp or TRG membership first?

All of our TRG members have the basic understanding of order flow and graduated from the  Zen and the Art of Order Flow Trading Bootcamp.The bootcamp is really essential to being able to make the most of the community and everyone in the community has the level of knowledge (or more) that you will receive from the bootcamp.

The TRG members have access to our active community of over 130 members and growing. We are interacting 24/7 as we have members from around the globe, and also we hold multiple live meetings per week. But without the basic understanding of the material in the bootcamp it might be a bit confusing.

Many of our new students come to TRG with an understanding of order flow because they have read some books and watched some videos and still take the bootcamp first and are glad they did. Because in the Zen and the Art of Order Flow Trading Bootcamp the students gets knowledge that is far beyond just the order flow itself. You get actionable trading systems and trade setups that you can start applying right away.

If you have knowledge and experience with order flow entering through the TRG membership route might make sense for you. We do have a massive video library where we can recommend a list for you to view them in order so you can participate in our community and get empowered with TRG. If you have read this far and still want to join TRG though the membership route please reach out to us directly and we can get a sense of where you are with your trading and you can sign up for TRG membership here.